Crock Pot Liners – Are they worth it?

Crockpots, also known as slow cookers, are God’s gift to the Reluctant cook.   There is nothing better than your dinner magically cooking without you having to stand over it.

But once the meal is cooked, you still have to clean the pot.  And scrubbing that pot can be a pain in the arms as you scrub the baked on mess.

So even though this Reluctant Cook loves her Crockpot, the liners that I recently discovered are my new best friend.  All you do is line your crockpot, cook your meal, and then let your crockpot cool.  You can carefully tie off the liner and throw it into the trash leaving little to no cooked on gunk behind.  It will cut your cleaning down to SECONDS.

Here is the crockpot iner that I like to use:Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners 2 Pack (8 Liners Total

The current price is 8 liners for $9.15 which adds about $1.14 to the cost of your meal.  There are cheaper ones sold.  You can even find them at some dollar stores.  But many of the cheaper ones have bad reviews.

Would I use them every time I cooked a crockpot meal?

No, I’m too cheap to spend an extra $1.14 just to escape washing the pot.  But they are wonderful for those recipes that leave a gunky mess in the pot.  You just tie off the liner with one of the ties that is included and toss it.  That is when they are really worth the cost.


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