Chicken Fingers and Fries

chicken fingers and fries

Even though I like quick and easy, I also don’t like to eat a lot of fried food.  Baking chicken fingers and fries is not only easy but is also healthier.  Even the kids can help make this.. * 2 large baking potatoes * ¼ cup zesty Italian dressing * 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, … Read more

Easy Bundt Cake That Will Impress

Bundt Cake

This quick and easy bundt cake is a trick that I learned years ago from a friend who always came to the potlucks with beautiful desserts to share.  When I asked her about the Bundt cake that she brought, she whispered in my ear, “It’s a secret but I’ll tell you. Give me your email … Read more

Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby - eggs for breakfast

  This is a recipe that my kids loved on weekends or on those mornings when time was more plentiful.  It makes a spectacular presentation that is even great for company breakfasts.  Once the dutch baby is cooked, it can be served with fruit — fresh is better but canned with do.  No fruit?  Not … Read more

Apple Turnovers the Quick and Easy Way

We all have memories of food that we loved as children.  One of my favorites is strawberry shortcakes which were a treat we looked forward to on Friday night which was when my Dad was paid and he and Mother went grocery shopping. I’m sure that I would probably turn my nose up at them … Read more

Corn Chowder

Whenever summer brings fresh corn to my grocery stores and farmers markets, it’s time to make this family favorite — fresh corn chowder.  Canned corn can be used to make it “quick and easy” but the flavor of using fresh corn makes the extra time worthwhile. Corn Chowder   Save Print Recipe type: Soup Ingredients … Read more

Italian Polenta

I first discovered Polenta when visiting my husband’s Italian cousins who had immigrated from northern Italy where Polenta is a staple as Pizza is to the southern part of the country. Many years later when I told an Italian friend who was from southern Italy how much I liked polenta, his comment was, “Oh, that … Read more

Hearty Recycled Soup

Ron and I delivered a gift basket and then took the dogs for a walk today. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve operated a gift basket and gift service business for the past 23 years. By the time we returned home, we were both hungry and tired. So I turned to one of my … Read more