How to Keep Strawberries Fresh Longer

Tired of buying fresh strawberries and watch them mold quickly and wind up tossing them out? I’ve done it, and wasted so much money!

This is not our season yet for strawberries so they travel further and mold quicker. But here is a great tip to keep them fresher longer!!

To keep the strawberries fresh longer in the refrigerator:

  • Mix 1 Part White Vinegar to 10 Parts Water.
  • Soak the strawberries, leaves and all in the vinegar/water mixture for a few minutes.
  • Then drain the strawberries in a colander until they are completely dry.
  • Then place strawberries in an uncovered bowl in the refrigerator.

    The vinegar/water mixture kills any mold spores on the strawberries and keeps them fresh longer. The vinegar does not affect the taste. This also works for all kinds of berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc

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