Apple Turnovers the Quick and Easy Way


We all have memories of food that we loved as children.  One of my favorites is strawberry shortcakes which were a treat we looked forward to on Friday night which was when my Dad was paid and he and Mother went grocery shopping.

I’m sure that I would probably turn my nose up at them now that I’m grown and have experienced the flavor of fresh strawberries over my quick and easy “one egg cake” with real whipped cream.  But back then, the frozen strawberries over grocery store shortcakes and whipped cream in a can was heaven for us kids.

Tana, a favorite blogger at The Cook’s Pyjamas fondly remembers the apple turnovers from the frozen food section of the grocery store that she eagerly devoured as a child and even into her college days.

Tana, is also a Reluctant Cook who looks for “quick and easy.”  She came up with a substitute that is made from two familiar grocery store staples — butter puff pastry and applesauce.   Tana’s quick and easy Apple Turnovers only take about 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to bake so you can delight your own family with them at any time.

You can find Tana’s recipe here.

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